Last week we switched servers. This moved our site to Amazon Web Services which hosts some of the largest sites in the world.  It also increased our server resources to increase the speed.

it took most of the week to adjust the server settings to resolve any bugs that were a result of that move.  We believe most of them have been identified and resolved. If you find any additional ones please let me know via Trello.

One thing we are working on was a change to the menus.  

  • The menu spacing ended up different resulting in the menu being on two lines, which made if difficult to navigate.  
  • A down arrow is now visible on the menu. This is not something we added.
  • And when one hovers on the background the background turns a transparent white.

Basically the menu stopped following our programming and reset to a default on many areas.

We are aware of these issues and working to resolve them as quickly as possible.