Hello Harmony / Garfield County Families,

Welcome to February,

Hope you are staying warm and having a great winter. Resource ordering is now closed for the 2022-23 school year. However, if your student has remaining funds, you can still request reimbursement. Make sure your students are keeping up with their assignments and school work.

In this Touchpoint:

  • Calendars
  • Flex Submission Dates
  • Portfolio Submissions for 3rd Quarter 
  • Spotlight: Study Island
  • Resource Orders
  • Garfield County Contact Information
  • Get Social

A great place to stay up-to-date on important dates is the calendar found on the parent dashboard. Here you’ll find information such as Flex submission dates, testing dates, school dates, etc.

Click here for the official Garfield County School District calendar for the 2022-23 school year.

Upcoming School Dates:
Feb 20: Presidents Day (No School)
Feb 21: District Prof Dev (No School)
Mar 17: End of 3rd Quarter
Mar: 20: District Prof Dev (No School)

Flex Submission Dates
Here are the Flex Direct and Flex Independent submission due dates for 3rd quarter:

  • February 10 – (Kindergarten – Language Arts, Math)
  • February 24 – (Kindergarten – Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies)
  • March 10 – (Kindergarten – Language Arts, Math)

Flex Direct and Flex Independent submission due dates for 4th quarter:

  • March 24 – (No Kindergarten Submission) 
  • April 7 – (Kindergarten – Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies)
  • April 21 – (Kindergarten – Language Arts, Math)
  • May 5 – (Kindergarten – Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies)
  • May 19 – (Kindergarten – Language Arts, Math)

Portfolio Submissions for 3rd Quarter
The 3rd quarter portfolio submissions are due on Feb. 17 and must be submitted by March 10. All portfolios need to be submitted no later than March 10 to give the teachers time to review and grade them before the end of the quarter. If you have any questions about portfolios, please contact your mentor.

The guidelines for portfolios are as follows:

  • 5-8 portfolio items per subject.
  • Items need to show student work, and examples could include worksheets, reports, tests/quizzes, science projects, etc.  Remember that portfolio Items should be the student’s actual work, not a learning log or description of what the student has been doing.
  • Portfolio items need to be grade-level work.
  • Portfolio items need to demonstrate student work over the course of at least 2 months.
  • Be sure that any files that you submit are in pdf or jpeg format. Some formats are not accessible for our teachers. Only file formats that a teacher can access will be graded.

Spotlight: Study Island
Did you know that Harmony provides Study Island accounts to all students? Study Island provides K–12 practice and standards mastery in language arts, math, science, and social studies. It will help improve your child’s proficiency and retention in these key subjects. This program also provides test prep for year-end state assessments.

While Study Island is a beneficial program for all students, for students with Flex or Portfolio courses, Study Island may be used as a part of the student’s curriculum.

You are encouraged to use this program with your children as best meets their needs. There are no expected number of activities, and students are not required to use this program.

Resource Orders
Resource ordering is now closed for the 2022-23 school year. If your student has remaining funds, you may still submit reimbursement requests once a month through May 31. However, all other forms of ordering are closed for the 2022-23 school year.

Garfield County Contact Information
Here is the contact information for Garfield County school.

Sarah Oyler, Administrator
Email: sarah.oyler@garfk12.org
Phone: 435-633-3365

Nicole Spencer, Secretary
Email: nicole.spencer@garfk12.org
Phone: 435-676-1307

Get Social
Are you part of our growing community of Harmony parents? If not, please join us and get social. It’s a great place to share what is working with your family, ask questions of other parents, and receive updates on Harmony activities. 

We wish you a wonderful school year!

Brianna Webster, Garfield Account Manager (bwebster@harmonyed.com)
Denise Glines, Paraeducator (dglines@harmonyed.com)
Heather Taylor, Mentor (htaylor@harmonyed.com)
Erica Finneman, Mentor (efinneman@harmonyed.com)