We are excited to announce our new partnership with Richard McKenna Charter School for 9th through 12th Grade Students. If you are interested, please call Stacey Snow @ 801-310-7520 for details.

  • All students who are enrolling in Richard Mckenna needs to register at http://Harmonyed.com as a student first and then a student will receive an email stating how to enroll
  • Richard McKenna has created their own LMS to login called Aquire
  • Richard McKenna has created their own Courses for High School
  • Richard McKenna is a 9th through 12th Grade program and you will graduate from Richard McKenna which is an accredited program
  • Richard McKenna has all 11th Graders take the ISAT test and they can take the ACT in 11th grade for free or in 12th Grade at their own cost
  • Richard McKenna offers Fast Forward Funding
  • Richard McKenna will accommodate a student with special needs
  • Each student needs to take a grade level entry level test called MAP and the students will test at the beginning, middle and end of the year for language arts and math and it is a 35 to 45 minute test. This test is proctored over Zoom
  • Each student takes ONLY 2 classes at a time which is a 6 week course. (Each class has a Part A and Part B) Teachers have office hours and there is a teacher that is available via email at all times. Courses are rated to be about 3½ hours per day for 2 classes (depending on each student and their ability)
  • Each student will register for 4 classes up front with 6 weeks to complete each class- if completed early, the student will automatically be placed in the next class that you requested on the following Monday
  • Assignments in each class are due daily at midnight – Monday through Friday per class
  • Students may work at a faster pace to complete classes early
  • Richard McKenna has a credit recovery program and students can choose this as a class
  • Students are welcome to take an elective class and a core class or two core classes or two electives for each school year
  • There is no funding attached to this program. Students need to have their own computer to complete this program

Additional Information:

-Richard McKenna only requires the students to complete what the state requires and does not add extra classes just to jump through the hoops.

-This program is an Asynchronous Class.

-Students who have a part time job in their Junior or Senior school year, can have this count for 2 elective credit hours.

-Each student will be given Imagine Learning Math Practice and IXL math mediation program/Intervention program-weekly help with intervention.

‌Thank you,

Harmony Educational Services
Stacey Snow
Idaho Account Manager