Dear Harmony Families,

It is time for the State Student and Parent Engagement Surveys to be filled out.  As always, we appreciate your efforts in helping us make sure these are completed by everyone.  Surveys are required for all students in 3rd grade through 8th grade and parentsThese surveys are important for a couple of reasons.  First, the state accountability indicators require us to administer Student Satisfaction and Engagement Surveys, as well as Parent Satisfaction and Engagement Surveys.  Second, they are a great way to get feedback from you to better help us continually improve our school!  

These surveys were originally created for a traditional brick and mortar setting, not a home learning environment, so please read each question and apply it to your situation to the best of your abilities. Some questions may not be applicable but still need to be answered the best you can, considering our virtual learning environment. We are excited for the opportunity to participate in these surveys because it gives IHLA students, parents, and teachers an opportunity to express their satisfaction with our school and also to point out areas that may need improvement. Completing this survey is essential to the continuation and support of our IHLA program.

Time Frame:
We are asking all surveys to be completed by Friday, March 18th.  Thank you so much!

Student Surveys:

As students go to log in, they will select the state.  For login ID students will use their EDUID number.  Their EDUID numbers can be found in the Family Resource Center Dashboard by scrolling down to your child.  It will be listed right below the student name.

Parent survey linkPlease select the specific school (Idaho Home Learning Academy)>