Hello Wasatch / Harmony Families,

As we approach the end of the school year, we hope that your children are enjoying successful educational experiences! Can you believe that this year is almost over?

In this Touchpoint:

  • Important Dates
  • Finishing the Year Strong
  • Re-enrollment for 2021-22
  • Reimbursement Requests
  • NEW: Edgenuity Announcement
  • Educational Experiences for the Summer

Important Dates
Here are important upcoming dates. You can also find the calendar on your parent dashboard.

Upcoming Dates

  • Last Day of School:  May 27 – No late work will be accepted
  • Memorial Day:  May 31, Harmony office closed

Options Day Dates

  • May 18:  Roy location – last day of Options Day classes
  • May 19:  Lehi location – last day of Options Day classes
  • May 20:  Heber location – last day of Options Day classes

Flex Submission Dates
Here is the remaining Flex Direct and Flex Independent submission due date for 2nd semester.

  • May 14 [Flex Elective Submission; Kindergarten – Language Arts, Math]
  • All work should be submitted by May 21. Some work after 

Harmony Portfolio Submission Date

  • May 7:  4th quarterly portfolio due

Finishing the Year Strong
Be sure to stay on pace with your submissions, as well as online coursework. The end of the school year is approaching fast! The last Flex submission deadline is May 14, but we will accept submissions up until May 21 so that we have time to grade the worksheets. Portfolio submissions should already be in, and they will also be accepted until May 21. We will do our best to grade Flex and Portfolio submissions that come in after the 21st. No completed work (online, worksheets, or portfolios) will be accepted after May 28! 

Be sure to contact your mentor right away if you have a question or issue regarding your student’s courses.  

Re-enrollment for 2021-22
Re-enrollment for the new school year will be opening very soon. We wanted to let you know to look for a re-enrollment email. We ask everyone to complete the re-enrollment form, whether or not you are planning on returning. That way we know what your plans are for the new school year. You can start planning your curriculum for next year and making wish lists for resource ordering, which opens on July 1. Also, if you would like to enroll another child, please complete the new student application, which can be accessed from your parent dashboard.

Reimbursement Requests
You are able to submit a reimbursement request through May 31 for each child. Only one document may be uploaded for each reimbursement request, but you may include multiple receipts in the document. 

You can check your student’s funding balance by going to your parent dashboard and scrolling down to see your child’s name. Then click on Student Funding Account, where you’ll see the remaining balance for your child. 

NEW: Edgenuity Announcement
We are pleased to announce the addition of Edgenuity courses to Harmony’s robust course catalog for the 2021-22 school year.

Edgenuity provides online courses for grades 6-12 in core and elective courses. Edgenuity’s award-winning courses combine rigorous content with direct-instruction videos, multimedia, and interactive learning tools and resources to engage and motivate students. With a range of core and elective courses based on state standards, Edgenuity’s courses are designed to inspire life-long learning.

Edgenuity provides courses in English Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies for middle and high school students. There are also exciting electives provided for students to explore a range of topic areas like psychology, coding, business, and health.

If you’re interested in an Edgenuity course, you can get a look at the student experience with this brief video:


As you prepare to select courses for your children for the new school year, we encourage you to review the Curriculum Orientation to see all of Harmony’s course offerings. A variety of curriculum providers are available so that you can customize your child’s course schedule to meet their unique educational goals, needs, and interests. 

Educational Experiences for the Summer
We know this year has been a tough one in many respects. As the official school year winds down, we thought to share some no-cost resources and ideas with you to support your student’s progress through the summer months and in preparation for next year. Consider a relaxed learning schedule for the summer, for example, 30 minutes of reading and 20 minutes of math 3-5 times a week, nature exploration or field trips 1 time a week, etc.

  • If you have an online course such as MobyMax or DreamBox, these courses will remain available until the end of June. 
  • The supplemental programs (Reading eggs, Study Island, BrainPop) will also remain active until the end of June.
  • Many local libraries have summer reading programs – make it fun!
  • Here are a list of some online resources

Warm Regards,

Nancie Pratt, Program Manager
Julie Sharpe, Lead Mentor
Ashley Coney, Mentor
Camille Purcell, Mentor
Carly Purdy, Mentor
Denise Glines, Mentor
Kelsi Cahoon, Mentor
Lacey Bean, Mentor
Libby Rice, Mentor
Melissa Newberg, Mentor
Noelle Quijano, Mentor
Ranya Williams, Mentor
Sarah Dooley, Mentor
Stacey Snow, Mentor
Talia Capdepon, Mentor