Free Individualized Education

Every child has different capacities, interests and passions. We understand that students flourish when education is individualized to their unique needs.

Harmony provides a variety of courses and programs for all ages, ensuring a truly customized learning experience.

Hawaii students who want to participate in the Harmony program for free do so by enrolling with a Harmony partner public school. Families also have the option to purchase a curriculum package directly from Harmony.

This gives families the flexibility to learn at home, access online curriculum and attend on-site programs (where available).

Mentor Support

Each Harmony family receives a mentor who assists parents in planning for each child’s success. The mentor is the family’s primary contact with Harmony and is available to explain Harmony programs, match curriculum and resources to student needs, and provide support to parents and students throughout the year. Mentors work with parents to ensure that students have a wonderful educational experience.

Each Student’s Schedule Can Be Customized to Their Unique Needs!

With parent and mentor guidance, each student will create a personalized schedule, choosing their courses from a variety of different providers.

Student Success Plan

With a mentor, parents create a Student Success Plan (SSP) to choose courses, curriculum, and a Harmony Plus option to best meet the needs of each child. Harmony purchases the curriculum and resources, so there are no out-of-pocket expenses for the family. Student schedules follow the guidelines below.

Kindergarten students choose:

  • Core: Odyssey or Flex Kindergarten
  • Electives: Up to 1 elective kit or Options Day Kindergarten
  • $150.00 Educational Allowance
Students in grades 1- 5 select:

  • Core: 4 core classes from a combination of Flex and/or online courses (Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies)
  • Electives: 2 elective courses/kits (optional)
Students in grades 6 – 8 select:

  • Students select 4 core classes from a combination of Flex and/or online courses (language arts, math, science, social studies)
  • Up to 2 credit of elective courses (optional)

With Harmony’s public school option, you can select from Harmony’s on-site Options courses and a variety of independent learning curriculum options, all at no cost!

Sample Elementary Student Schedules

Student A

  • Dream Box: Math
  • Harmony Flex: Language Arts
  • Odyssey: Science
  • Flex: Social Studies
  • Harmony Elective Kit: Advanced Art

Student B

  • ALEXS: Math 4
  • Odyssey: Language Arts 4
  • K12: Science 4
  • K12: Social Studies 4
  • Harmony Elective Kit: Microscope

Sample Middle School Student Schedules

Student A

  • BYU Independent Study: Ninth-Grade English
  • ALEKS: Secondary Math 1
  • Harmony Flex: Earth Systems
  • Flex: World History
  • Dynamic Learning: Middle School Photography: Drawing with Light (Semester 1)
  • BYU Independent Study: Computer Tech (Semester 2)
  • eDynamic Learning: Introduction to Culinary Arts (Semester 1)
  • BYU Independent Study: Leadership (Semester 2)

Student B

  • Harmony Flex: English 8
  • Odyssey: Science 8
  • DreamBox Learning: Math 8
  • Harmony Flex: US History 1
  • eDynamic Learning: Middle School Photography: Drawing with Light (semester 1)
  • Edgenuity: 3D Art I – Modeling (semester 1)
  • Rosetta Stone: Chinese (Mandarin) Foreign Language (full-year)

On-Site Curriculum Offerings

Offered in Select Hawaii Locations

Options Day

Options Day complements your child’s core education by offering four fun on-site electives on one day. In addition to the supportive atmosphere that parents love, your children will enjoy learning from qualified instructors who have a passion for teaching. Classes may include karate, theater, Lego Robotics and more.

  • Grades K-8

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Independent Learning Curriculum Offerings

Available to All Students throughout Hawaii

Flex Courses

Flex is an individualized course of study for independent learners who want to choose learning materials that are important to you.  Core course materials are customized to your child’s unique learning, and Harmony provides the curriculum that your child needs to be successful – at no cost to you.  Throughout the semester, students demonstrate their knowledge of state standards by completing worksheets or portfolio items.

  • Students in grades 1-8 may take up to 4 Flex core courses. Additionally, students in grades 7-8 may take up to 2 Flex elective courses, per semester.
  • Flex Kindergarten is a comprehensive course covering language arts, math, science, and social studies.
  • Parents may select learning materials that will help their child succeed in the course. 
  • Grades K-8 submit work every 2 weeks.

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Online Courses

Harmony offers a broad range of curriculum so that you can individualize the education of your child with our online courses. Students may select online courses in any combination with Harmony’s Options, Flex and ESP courses. A variety of core and elective courses are available, and educational support is offered by our customer service representatives and instructors. Harmony provides online course subscriptions, Harmony Kits, and Flex courses at no cost to the student. You can customize your online learning experience from the broad range of learning providers.

  • Grades K-8

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Elective Kits

Our kits provide curriculum and tools customized to meet a child’s specific educational needs in various elective areas.

  •  Grades K-6

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All Students Receive Additional Educational Resources

Harmony Plus+

Each student receives a Harmony Plus+ option that best suits their needs. They may select one of the following:

Technology Use

  • Laptop computer.

Additional Learning Materials

  • If neither technology option is needed, you may select additional curriculum and learning materials for your child to support their education based on their Student Success Plan.

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Free Individualized Education

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