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In traditional schooling, there is one expert, the teacher, who serves as a director of knowledge. The Harmony approach provides for increased relationships between a student, the parents, and an educational team whose purpose is to help the student achieve educational excellence. The Harmony mentor is a key asset to that educational team.

We realize that parents can use as much information as possible in order to be able to make informed choices. One of the mentor’s primary goals is to collaborate with the parent in developing a plan for a student’s personal and academic success. This is called the Student Success Plan.

Mentors also:

  • Support educational goals and help students improve their overall academic achievement.
  • Remain the primary point of contact at Harmony throughout the school year.  
  • Are an advocate for the student and family.
  • Review student’s course progress to provide additional insight on abilities, needs, achievements, and interests.
  • Help parents and students by pointing out resources and explaining how to use programs and resources to their best advantage.

Parents are encouraged to contact their mentor whenever they have questions or concerns.

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