Free Individualized Education

Every child has different capacities, interests and passions. We understand that students flourish when education is individualized to their unique needs. Harmony provides a variety of courses and programs for all ages, ensuring a truly customized learning experience. Utah students who want to participate in the Harmony program for free do so by enrolling with a Harmony partner public school. Families also have the option to purchase a curriculum package directly from Harmony. This gives families the flexibility to learn at home, access online curriculum and attend on-site programs (where available).

  • Individualize your child’s education
  • Create custom learning paths through Harmony’s variety of curriculum offerings
  • Create customized courses using Harmony’s Portfolio Course



Harmony maximizes flexibility for each parent to create a truly individualized educational plan for their children.

An educational allowance of $300 per course (6 courses) is allocated for each student.  This allowance may be used for courses and educational resources that meet your child’s educational needs.*

A student’s allowance is first applied to required courses and then to elective courses. Any remaining funds may be used for technology, learning resources, and/or approved educational activities.

Harmony delivers the courses and educational resources directly to the student with no out-of-pocket expenses to the family or a parent may purchase resources directly and asked to be reimbursed.

All courses and use of public funds must be approved by the student’s school and must comply with all applicable laws and board rules.

*Kindergarten allowance is half of the grade 1-8 allowance.

  • Select your core courses. The cost of each core course will be deducted from a student’s total allowance.
  • Select elective courses. The cost of each elective will be deducted from a student’s total allowance.
  • Request your educational resources. Any funds remaining after course selection will be available for educational resources, including 3rd party providers.
  • Request a laptop, if needed, as part of your educational resource package. Students may request technology that best serves their family. Please keep in mind that some courses may not be compatible with tablets and that the technical requirements for each course should be reviewed prior to making a selection.

Independent Flexible Curriculum Offerings

Available to Idaho Students

Power Learning Goals (PLG)

Idaho Home Learning Academy only

Idaho Home Learning Academy’s Curriculum 

  • All course requirements are determined by Idaho Home Learning Academy, see Parent Guide published by Oneida School District.
  • Submission requirements determined by Idaho Home Learning Academy’s certified teachers.
  • Use your educational allowance to choose curriculum, books, materials or technology to support classes.

On-Site Curriculum Offerings

Offered in Select Idaho Locations

Options Day

Options Day complements your child’s core education by offering four fun on-site electives on one day. In addition to the supportive atmosphere that parents love, your children will enjoy learning from qualified instructors who have a passion for teaching. Classes may include karate, theater, Lego Robotics and more.

  • Grades K-8

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Multi-Age Program

Multi-Age Program (MAP) is a core program available for students in grades 1-8. Students meet one day a week to learn key concepts in core curriculum for Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. MAP is designed to help students meet the student’s grade level course objectives. This on-site elementary program offers two classroom settings: one for students 6-9 years old and another for students 9-12 years old. All work is collected and supported by a certified teacher.  Parents do not need to upload Flex work.

  • Grades 1-8

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Independent Learning Curriculum Offerings

Available to All Students Throughout Idaho

Online Courses

Harmony offers a broad range of curriculum so that you can individualize the education of your child with our online courses. Students may select online and Flex courses in any combination. A variety of core and elective courses are available, and educational support is offered by our mentors and teachers.  Harmony provides online course subscriptions, Harmony Kits, and Flex courses at no cost to the student. You can customize your online learning experience from the broad range of learning providers.

  • Grades K-8

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Elective Kits

Our kits provide curriculum and tools customized to meet a child’s specific educational needs in various elective areas.

  •  Grades K-6

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Mentor Support

Each Twin Falls Virtual Schoolhouse family receives a mentor who assists parents in planning for each child’s success. The mentor is the family’s primary contact with Harmony and is available to explain Harmony programs and provide support to parents and students throughout the year. Mentors work with parents to ensure that students have a wonderful educational experience.

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