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The Harmony Core MAP Program

Available at select locations.

MAP is a core program available for students in grades 1-8. Students meet one day a week to learn key concepts in core curriculum for Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies. MAP is designed to help students meet the school’s Power Learning Goals objectives. MAP teachers collect student work and submit it for the student’s PLG portfolio.

MAP is a 28-week program that meets on Wednesdays from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm.  MAP coursework is based on Idaho Standards and the school’s Power Learning Goals.

During the rest of the week, students continue to work on their core coursework at home. To build a program at home, parents may continue using a program of their choice or use the resources provided in the MAP class.  Sample home schedules, along with online subscriptions and various books and curriculum, will be available.

MAP uses exceptional curriculum resources, such as Excellence in Writing, Four Square Writing Method, Easy Grammar, English from the Roots Up, Words Their Way, Literature Circles and leveled books, various math materials, Story of the World, A History of Us, and Interactive Science Notebooks, as well as other exciting resources.

Students may occasionally have a required project or assignment to work on at home. Each family will develop their own at home plan with the MAP coordinator.

MAP does not include electives. Students may enroll in another elective course, including Options Day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get to meet the teachers before classes start in the fall?

Yes, we hold a Back-to-School night a week or two before school starts.  All of the teachers will be available that evening.

Can my student enroll in both MAP and Options Day?

Yes!  But they don’t have to.  You may choose to enroll in the core day or the elective day or both.

How much of my student’s funding allotment is used in this program?

The MAP program takes $800 of the funding allotment.  Options Day takes $600 of the funding allotment. Enrollment in MAP also gives you access to online subscriptions, take home materials including books and curriculum.  Options Day does not include those extras. Enrolling in both takes $1400 of your allotment, leaving you with $300.

Is MAP offered for Kindergarteners?

While there isn’t a MAP Kindergarten class, Kindergarten students may attend Options Day, an elective program offered one day a week.

How are the students in MAP graded?

Students are graded on their portfolio assignments. Portfolio assignments stay at school until the end of the year, when the entire portfolio is sent home.

How can I get to know my child’s friends in class?

You can meet other MAP families at the Back to School night, the MAP family picnic or by volunteering in the classroom.

What special events will be held?

MAP takes part in the Back to School Night that is combined with Options Day.  There is a MAP family picnic before school begins as well. During the year we will hold a Science Fair and a History Day event.  Options Day families will take part in the combined Back to School Night, as well as having a Winter Program and an end of year program and field day.

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