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Power Learning Goals

Available at select schools only.

Power Learning Goals is a curriculum program available to all Idaho Home Learning Academy (IHLA) students for core courses – Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. For your child’s schedule, you may mix and match Power Learning Goals in combination with other online courses.

Families select the textbooks, learning materials, and other resources that meet the needs of their child and are aligned to Idaho Content Standards. The objective is for parents to use the materials they are teaching, aligned to PLGs, as artifacts and not have to provide materials outside their curriculum.

As students work in their curriculum, Idaho Home Learning Academy (IHLA) asks parents to address the school’s Power Learning Goals (PLGs) in each subject area by selecting one PLG to report on every two weeks.

Parents will submit a document indicating which PLG the student has completed for that assignment, along with artifacts for each PLG. Artifacts could include, but are not limited to, student work, scanned worksheets, pictures, and audio or video files.

The student’s mentor/teacher will review the PLG form each submission period and confirm that the artifacts are aligned to the PLGs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of artifacts may be submitted for Power Learning Goals?
Artifacts could include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Student Work
    • Writing
    • Presentation
    • Model or diorama
    • Poster
  • Scanned Worksheets
    • Curriculum worksheets
    • Flex worksheets
    • Worksheets printed from online programs
  • Pictures
    • Field trips
    • Labs
    • Project-based activities
    • Screenshots of online programs
  • Audio Files
    • Students explaining learning
    • Poems, stories, and other student work expressed verbally
  • Video
    • Field trips
    • Labs
    • Project-based activities

Share ideas with your IHLA mentor/teacher if you have other ways of providing creative artifacts aligned to Power Learning Goals.

How do I receive curriculum for Power Learning Goals?
Parents complete a resource allocation form to request the curriculum and learning materials that their child will need to be successful with Power Learning Goals.
What Types of Curriculum Options Are Available for Power Learning Goals?
A variety of learning materials may be used to learn Power Learning Goals and to meet other learning goals.  While you may use the curriculum of your choice, some curriculum options may need supplementation in order for students to learn the topics and to complete the Power Learning Goals.

Examples of the types of curriculum that may be selected include:

  • Books, textbooks, workbooks, math manipulatives, pre-packaged science kits, project-based learning activities, and online subscriptions.
  • Religious-based curriculum may be submitted for Power Learning Goals.
How many Power Learning Goals are submitted each semester?
Eight Power Learning Goals will need to be submitted each semester. Students will submit the Power Learning Goal form with the artifact for each PLG course that the student is enrolled in. Core subject include Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies.
How are PLG artifacts graded?
Your IHLA teacher will review the PLG form each submission period and make sure that your artifacts are aligned to the goals.
Can I see a sample of a Power Learning Goals?
Here are links to a letter from IHLA about Power Learning Goals, as well as examples of Power Learning Goals.

What Support Is Available for Power Learning Goals?
Please work with your mentor/teacher to answer your questions about Power Learning Goals and resources.
What If my child has an IEP?
If your child has an IEP, please work with your mentor/teacher and the special education director at the school of enrollment to make sure that all accommodations are being met.
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