Practice your IRI and/or ISAT monthly and win! Here’s how…

Please notify your teacher when tests are complete.  

Contact your teacher for more information and help with regular or interim practice (needed for IHLA Rewards).

IHLA Clever Account

ISAT General Practice (for Harmony Incentives Only)

IHLA’s Incentive

Each K-3 student who completes the practice IRI 3 months in a row will receive a $5 gift card to Amazon.  This will be offered twice: November/December/January and February/March/April.

Each student in grades 3-8 who take at least 3 ISAT interim block tests OR one interim comprehensive test before Feb. 25 will receive a $5 Amazon gift card. *Interim practice is proctored and very similar to ISAT.

K-3 students who maintain an overall Tier 1 score or move up one tier on their Spring IRI will receive a $15 gift card to Amazon!

Harmony’s Incentives

Monthly drawings! Each month, every student who takes a practice IRI or ISAT (general or Interim) will get their name put into a drawing for a $25 Amazon gift certificate.

Students who complete practice tests for 4 consecutive months will be entered into a drawing for a $100 Amazon gift certificate. There will be a IRI winner and an ISAT winner.