Dear Harmony Families,

Thank you for completing the ISAT Bandwidth Test for your remote testing in April.  The next step to prepare for your test is to download the secure browser to your computer.  The Windows Secure Browser is available now, but the Mac Secure Browser will have an update around April 5.  Please update this browser after April 5, but before your test date, if you plan to use a Mac.  iPads are supported but not recommended, as they have not been thoroughly tested; please use a laptop for your test.  Please follow the instructions below to download the Secure Browser.

Step 1: Go to the following link, log in and watch the video:

Step 2: Download the secure browser.

Step 3: Sign the agreement indicating that you have downloaded the Secure Browser:

At the end of the video it explains how to download for an iPad; the link is:  But again, we do not recommend testing on an iPad.

Please contact Stacey Snow or your mentor if you have any questions.


Stacey Snow
Idaho Testing Coordinator