Aloha Harmony/Laupahoehoe Parents!

Congratulations, the year is almost pau! You have made it through another year of schooling with your student. This email is brief but has important dates and information for the end of the year and next year.


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May 15: Final Flex deadline – PLEASE SUBMIT ALL WORKSHEETS!
May 15: Last Day to finish online work (Grades 6-12)
May 27: Last day of school

Enrollment will begin shortly. Myles sent an Intent to Return form on May 3rd. Please confirm that you wish to have your child(ren) attend next year – or let him know if you will be doing something else next year. This will be the time to list any incoming siblings as well.

You will finish the enrollment process by working with the school. Once your paperwork is complete, your mentor will contact you to begin your Student Success Plan.

The number of new enrollment inquiries have exceeded the program capacity. There will be a lottery for new students only. If you are enrolling a sibling of an existing student, they will be given priority and will NOT be entered into the lottery. 

For friends that are enrolling new students into Laupahoehoe CPCS, they will be entered into a lottery event. LCPCS expects to conduct this lottery before the end of May. If you have friends that are interested in joining the program, please have them email

Any questions regarding the program next year or enrollment, please contact Myles.

“Let’s do what we love, and let’s do a lot of it.” 

-Marc Jacobs


Ranya Williams