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Harmony Plus+

Each student receives Harmony Plus+ funds to use as best meets their needs. Parents may use the funds to request additional curriculum and learning materials to support their child’s education based on their Student Success Plan. Harmony Plus+ funds may be used to request a laptop computer of their choice.

Simply submit an online order for the learning resources that you need to help them to be successful in their courses. Harmony will order the curriculum and/or supplies and ship them directly to your home.

  • Up to $300 for students in grades 1-8
  • Up to $150 for students in Kindergarten
Am I allowed to purchase religiously-based curriculum?

Purchases of religiously-based curriculum or materials do not fall under the Harmony Plus Program. This limitation applies to all curriculum and related materials that teach learning concepts from the perspective of a religious group or ideology.

What items am I permitted to use through the Harmony Plus Program?
  • Curriculum and books (see Not Permitted Uses for religiously-based curriculum and books)
  • 3rd Party Lessons* – any musical (voice, instrument, dance), martial arts, tumbling, sewing, P.E., etc.*
  • School supplies—paper, pencils, notebooks, scissors, tape, etc.
  • Zoo passes or admission fees to museums or other educational facilities
  • Purchase or rental of musical instrument (if enrolled in music lessons)
  • Art and music supplies, if required for the selected course
  • Gym or Recreation center membership or admission fees
  • Computer including laptop, iPad, e-readers, audio players, monitor, printer, hard drive, etc., and related supplies or repairs
  • Equipment required for the selected course such as microscopes and other science supplies (food items are not reimbursable)
  • Purchase or rental of musical instrument (if enrolled in music lessons)1
  • Sales tax, shipping and delivery charges for qualifying purchases

*Instructors must provide to Harmony an approved background check.

What is the dollar limit on educational materials?

Student, in grades 1-8 may select up to $300 worth of Harmony Plus Educational Resources. Kindergarten students may select up to $150 worth of Harmony Plus Educational Resources. Harmony will purchase the resources and have them shipped directly to your home.

What items am I not permitted to use through the Harmony Plus Program?
  • Home repair
  • Furniture, including desks, tables, bookcases, etc.
  • Clothes, including clothing needed for any lessons (dance) or activities (PE)
  • Groceries, food items or appliances, even for cooking or science classes
  • Internet access or subscription fees
  • Personal expenses
  • Participation fees for sports camps, athletic teams or leagues, or musical groups/ensembles
  • Religiously-based curriculum,books and materials including purchases of such items from suppliers such as (but not limited to) Apologia, Sonlight, Liahona Home School, A Beka, and others.
When will I receive my learning materials?

Harmony will begin ordering materials on July 1.  The delivery date will greatly depend on the supplier.  Some suppliers ship materials very quickly, while others suppliers take up to 30 days to ship an order.  You may want to check the suppliers website for estimated shipping length

Are all the learning materials and technology options property of the school or program?

If your child withdraws or is dropped from the Harmony program during the school year, you will be required to return all items (excluding consumables and Elective Kits) provided for the current school year, or you may purchase the items at 100% of cost.

At the end of each school year, you may keep the curriculum, technology, and additional materials that have been provided through Harmony for that school year.

All materials, curriculum, technology are considered property of the school/program and would need to be returned if the school asked. However, in practicality, we’ve never seen a case in which the school has asked for the return of these items.

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