Dear Harmony Families;

 Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year.  We are so excited to have so many new families joining us this year. We look forward to getting to know all of you and helping with your student’s education.

This is our touchpoint email, and you will receive one every other month. Look for it because it will contain pertinent links, important dates and other information to keep you fully informed. Be sure to add this email address to your contact list so that you never miss one.

School Starts on Monday, August 19th!  

Inside this email:

  • Calendars
  • What Is School Pathways?
  • IRI testing
  • ISAT practice test
  • Resource request orders
  • Course changes
  • PLG deadlines
  • Odyssey tips
  • Options Day
  • Elective kits
  • Online curriculum logins
  • Facebook
  • 3rd party vendors

Here is the official IHLA calendar. Save this for reference during the year.  

What Is School Pathways?
Once you are fully enrolled, you will receive login information for our student management system called School Pathways.  This is the place where grades and progress are recorded for all students. Some parents thought this was just for those with PLG & Flex courses.  That is incorrect. All courses and all grades will be recorded here. School Pathways is not the same thing as the Family Resource Center or the individual curriculum providers like Odyssey, Dreambox, etc. 

For those with Learning Plans & PLG courses, School Pathways is where you will submit the PLG authentic/formative assessment or Flex worksheets (if you are using the Flex worksheets to complete your PLGs) and where those grading the assignments will give feedback to the student.  If you wish to correct any missed questions, you will re-submit the corrected worksheet into the same module as the original worksheet.

Here is the link for a tutorial video to upload your PLG and Flex (if you are using Flex to complete a PLG) assignments.  You must be logged into the Family Resource Center to access this link.

Here are the written instructions you should have received in an email. Please log in and make sure your username and password work.

Instructions for Submitting PLG or Worksheets
Please review the steps and the notes below before submitting the worksheets. Your mentor is available for help. 

Step 1: Sign in to School Pathways using your child’s username and password.

Step 2: Click on “Assignments & Grades” button.

Step 3: Find the class you are submitting to.

Step 4: Scroll down to the bottom of the page until you see Module 1 or the module you are submitting into.

Step 5: Click on the green cross icon.

Step 6: Look on the lower left side of the screen and click on “Attach More Files.”

Step 7: Find the file that you have saved on your computer.  Attach it to this module.

Step 8: Write in the message box any message you would like your mentor to review.

Step 9: Click on “Send Message” located on the lower right side of your screen.

For Learning Plans – You will submit your Learning Plan to your General Education Teacher/Mentor, then she will upload it for you in School Pathways.

 Notes for successful submission:

  •         Legible: Please ensure that the file you are sending is legible.
  •         File Types: The file types that will be most successful are .pdf or .jpeg files.
  •         One at a Time: Please submit only one worksheet per module.

Online Submissions
For those with online courses, School Pathways is where grades are reported from the individual curriculum providers and are recorded every two weeks.  Please check these grades regularly so you can be sure to know exactly how much your child has completed, as well as the grade in the course. Your mentor will provide you with the online pacing guide for each online class you have enrolled in.

Flex DIrect Instructions:
Beginning with the 2019-20 school year, all Flex submissions will occur through Canvas.  Please do not upload your submissions into School Pathways. We believe that the change to Canvas will help streamline the submission process.  It will also provide a new method of submission via online quizzes. Instructions for how to submit via Canvas are found below.

Step 1: Sign in to Canvas at using the credential provided for your child by Harmony.

Step 2: Select the desired class by clicking on its title on the Dashboard.

Step 3: Click on the quiz number that you wish to submit into.

Step 4: Click Begin Quiz.

After beginning the quiz, you will have two options for how to meet the requirement.  First, you may submit a hard copy of the worksheet in pdf or jpg format by using the File Upload on Question #1 of the quiz.  You may also elect to skip this question and advance to the online quiz. Harmony will accept either option for full credit.

To submit a worksheet file:

Step 5: On question 1 click Choose a File.

Step 6: Select, from your computer or device, the file(s) you wish to upload then click open.

Step 7: Click submit quiz.  A prompt will appear letting you know that you have unanswered questions.  Disregard this by clicking OK.

Step 8: Your page should be refreshed to show you a breakdown of the quiz results.  Please disregard the score given at this point as your individual score will be assigned by the Harmony Grading Team after review of the submission. 

To complete the online quiz (if not submitting a worksheet file):

Step 5: Disregard question 1 by clicking next.  Do not upload any files.

Step 6: Follow the instructions to complete the quiz.  Click next to cycle from question to question.

Step 7: When you have worked through all remaining questions click the Submit Quiz button.

Step 8: After clicking submit you will receive a prompt that there are unanswered questions remaining.  This is due to question 1. Disregard the prompt by clicking ok. This will submit the quiz.  

Step 9: After submitting you will be shown a breakdown of your score on the quiz.  Please note that there may be questions that require grading from the Harmony Grading Team.  Scores will be updated upon review of your submission.

Notes for successful submission:

  • Legible: Please ensure that the file you are sending is legible.
  • File Types: The file types that will be most successful are .pdf or .jpeg files.
  • One at a Time: Please submit only one worksheet per module.

IRI Testing
All families with students in grades K-3 will be doing a reading assessment called the IRI (Idaho Reading Indicator) two times per year.  The first assessment period begins September 1st through September 27th.  You will receive a login for a program called Clever from your General Education Teacher/Mentor who will call and schedule a virtual meeting with you to complete this testing.

ISAT Practice Test
Below is a link for your students to practice and become familiar with the ISAT year-end test.  Please be aware that this test has become very important to the school and the continuation of this amazing program.  We strongly encourage your students to do their best and, as parents, please prepare them accordingly.

Resource  Orders
The deadline to place the first semester order is October 31.  Harmony’s policy is that you can use ½ of the funding each semester.  A second order may be placed between December 1 and January 31. These orders are placed in the Family Resource Center.  Log into the FRC, choose your state, choose Student Success Plan and then Complete Resource Allocation Form. Please remember that we do NOT combine funds among students.  Please remember if you receive a “ticket”, respond to the ticket so that we can complete your order.

Harmony’s policy is that it can take up to two weeks to process resource orders.  We are trying to process them as quickly as we can. Please wait at least two weeks to contact your General Education Teacher/Mentor about Resource orders, unless it’s something that needs to be addressed right away. You can check the status of your order anytime by looking on your order form.  It will say Approval Pending until your order is placed. All communication about your order will be on the order form. If you have questions or concerns about your order, make sure to put those in the comments of your order.

Tips for placing your order:

  1. Make sure to include tax and shipping on your cost estimates.  If your order goes over your total funds, it will be sent back to you to remove items.  You order will be delayed if this happens.
  2. Wishlists are the easiest way to process orders.  You only have to put one link, per vendor, on the order form.
  3. Start and finish one student’s order before you place another student’s order.
  4. If you plan to use your Harmony Funding for lessons or classes, indicate how much of your funding you want allocated for this purpose in the 3rd Party Provider field on the resource allocation form. Remember that your Vendor needs to be preapproved.   Here is the Vendor Link for the application for 3rd Party Providers.

Course Changes
Our policy is that course changes need to be made within the first two weeks of the school year or within two weeks of receiving your courses.  Please make sure you look at all the curriculum thoroughly and make sure it is the right fit within the first two weeks. Harmony’s policy is that if you choose a curriculum and you do not like it, you will be able to change out of it, but the cost of the new curriculum will be charged to your account.

PLG Deadlines
The first PLG Learning Plans are due on August 23, 2019, and the first deadline for PLG uploads are due September 6.   Please do your best to get your assignments in as quickly as possible. Make sure to start with Module 1 at the bottom. Also, please upload attachments in a jpeg or pdf format. Camscanner is a good app to convert photos to pdfs. These deadlines are very important to Harmony’s relationship with Idaho Home Learning Academy. Progress is also how the school tracks attendance. After this first deadline, please make sure to mark your calendars with these dates so we can maintain a positive relationship with the school. 

Link PLG Submission Dates 2019-2020
2019-20 PLG Calender

Odyssey Curriculum
If you have Odyssey courses, be sure to check out the helpful information on the Odyssey Course Information page in the Family Resource Center here. You can watch a video about the Odyssey courses, get answers to FAQs, find General Tips, and more.

If you would like to redo an Odyssey quiz or a test:

Odyssey Tips 2019-2020

    • These tips, along with additional resources, can be found in the Family Resource Center: Please use this if you are experiencing issues. You can also get to the page by going to Curriculum Help on your state menu.
    • The goal of the learning path is to complete all of the activities.  The number of activities can be found in the gradebook. 
    • When exiting a learning activity as a student, to ensure that you can continue progress – use the built-in Exit button (usually on the upper left within the activity) and never close out using the X on the browser in the upper right corner.  For completion of the activity, use the icons or indicators within the activity or let the activity close on its own upon completion. In order to complete an activity, be sure not to exit out early. Let the system automatically exit you out of an activity before closing. This will ensure that it gets marked as completed and help avoid having to repeat activities.
    • The breakdown of all the activities in the learning path can be found in the student’s portfolio.  This is where you can find the activity code for an activity you would like to redo.

  • Quizzes/Tests:
    • If a quiz is an activity quiz, it will have a code.  You can redo these quizzes by typing their activity code into the bottom right corner of the Odyssey homepage next to the magnifying glass. You do not need a member of the Odyssey team to reassign them to you.
    • If a quiz is a lesson quiz, there will be no code.  These have to be reassigned.  
    • Chapter tests do not have a code.  These have to be reassigned.
    • Email  to have lesson quizzes or chapter tests reassigned.
    • You can review for quizzes by looking in the portfolio for the lessons that preceded the quiz.  You can redo these lessons by typing their activity code into the bottom right hand corner of the Odyssey homepage.  

    Options Day/MAP
    The first Options Day classes for all Idaho locations are listed below:
    Meridian Options Day starts Friday, September 6, 2019
    Meridian MAP Day starts Wednesday, September 4, 2019
    Idaho Falls Options Day starts Tuesday, September 10, 2019
    Options Day Calendar Idaho Options Day Link 2019-2020

    Here are some FAQs about Options Day.
    What should my child bring to Options Day?
    Make sure to send your student with a lunch that does not require refrigeration, a water bottle, layers of clothing in case it gets chilly and closed-toe shoes for PE. There will be a 30 minute lunch break. 

    What time should I arrive?
    Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the start time, especially on the first day to allow us time to get them registered with name tags.

    Can I drop my child off?
    Yes! Enjoy a moment without your homeschooler.  Feel free to run errands, read a book or have a quiet moment to yourself. We are also asking for volunteers to help out in the classrooms throughout the school year. We would love for you to sign up for at least one day. See the Site Manager for further details. 

    How will I know if classes are canceled?
    Your site manager will contact you if Options Day is cancelled for any reason. It will be posted on the Facebook page also.

    Elective Kits
    If you purchase Elective kits, you will see the Elective Kit listed as a course, in School Pathways, on your child’s schedule.  You do not need to turn in anything for Elective Kits.  

    Online Curriculum Logins
    All the instructions on pacing, and how much to complete, are in an email you will receive regarding your online course.  We will also be sending out a detailed email of exactly how many assignments need to be completed each month. Please read through them carefully so you know exactly how much your children needs to complete each month. 

    Please join us on our Facebook group, Harmony Ed Idaho. It is fun to see pictures from Options Day and to be a part of a community of learners.  You can request access here:

    We are excited to work with all of you and your students! Please let your mentor know how she can help you.

    Stacey L. Snow
    Idaho Account Manager
    Idaho Test Coordinator
    Idaho General Education Teacher/Mentor

    Andrea Hardman

    Anneleise Atkinson

    Cheryse Hooste

    Collette Haws

    Erin Jones

    Jeanie Reeder

    Jenni Roach

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