Dear IHLA Parents,

We appreciate the opportunity to work with your students in the Idaho Home Learning Academy (IHLA).  We are proud of our school and constantly strive to provide quality services to our students. Due to a current investigation by the Idaho State Department of Education, we are in the process of completing a Corrective Action Plan for IHLA. This plan will be evolving over the next few months, but we feel it is important to provide you as much information as possible as you make decisions for your child’s education. In our current Corrective Action Plan we are proposing:

1. Student will submit weekly logs in a learning management system for English, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Questions pertaining to Power Learning Goals (PLGs), curriculum, and work completion will be provided to guide the log submissions. The general education teacher will grade these logs weekly.

2. Every two weeks, or eight times per semester, a learning artifact will be submitted in English, Math, Science, and Social Studies in conjunction with the weekly logs. The general education teacher will use a rubric to grade these artifacts in relation to PLGs. Artifacts will be submitted in the learning management system and will be compiled into an electronic portfolio.

3. Parents and/or students will be required to have weekly contact with the general education teacher to address concept questions, curriculum alignment, and work completion. These contacts will be facilitated using Zoom web conferencing and documented by general education teachers. An additional weekly office hour will be provided by the general education teacher where students and/or parents may join via Zoom and collaborate with the general education teacher.

4. Oneida School District will provide a Parent/Student Handbook to all parents/students outlining IHLA policies as required by the Idaho State Department of Education. Parents will be required to sign the handbook indicating they have agreed to the policies before August 16, 2019.

Although these requirements may seem restrictive, meeting state requirements is imperative to continuing this valuable program. These program changes have not yet been submitted or approved by the Idaho State Department of Education. The state may require changes to the requirements listed or additional revisions to our program. We will keep you updated on the progress of the Corrective Action Plan and continue to keep your needs in mind as we move forward in this process.

IHLA Student and Parent Handbook 2019-2020

IHLA Parent Handbook Acknowledgement Form


Rich Moore, Superintendent