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In this Touchpoint:

  • Calendars
  • Attendance Information
  • Flex Direct Courses and Submission Dates
  • Resource Orders
  • MCA Test Prep
  • Get Social

A great place to stay up-to-date on important dates is the first page of the Family Resource Center. Here you’ll find  information such as Options Day, testing dates, etc. Bookmark this link to stay informed.


Here is the official VIBE calendar. Save this for reference during the year.  


Upcoming VIBE / Harmony Dates:
Winter Break:  Dec. 23-Jan. 1 – no school
Harmony Office Closed:  Dec. 24-Jan. 1
School Resumes:  Jan. 2
End of 1st Semester:  Jan. 17

Upcoming Options Day Dates:
No Options Day:  Dec 23-Jan. 10 (due to Winter Break)

Attendance Information
We know that many of you have questions about attendance.  First, please note that attendance does not affect students’ grades in their courses. Also, it is not expected or required that students have perfect attendance. 

Because of the unique online and Flex Direct courses that Harmony students take, attendance is being tracked by looking at the following items:  if the student watched the live or recorded teacher presentations and if the student is current with submissions and online work and is passing their courses.

Here is what to expect if your child has a high number of absences and is not staying current with their courses.

  • First, Brianna, your Harmony mentor, will be in contact with parents if students have attendance issues and also if students are behind in their courses to help parents with an improvement plan.  
  • Next, If the student’s attendance and progress does not improve, then it is possible that a VIBE administrator will be in contact with the parent in order to find out what can be done to help the student to be successful in the program.
  • Finally, it would be extremely rare for students to receive a truancy notice. Rather, parents would be contacted by VIBE and/or Harmony to consider other options and whether the student should be withdrawn from VIBE.

Students may also receive an excused absence for the following types of situations.  Excused absences do not affect attendance.

    • Sickness – 2-3 days
    • Doctor’s note for student illness longer than 2-3 days
    • Family emergency/funeral – 2-5 days
    • Family vacation – 5 days

If you have one of these situations, please contact Brianna as soon as you are aware of the situation in order to have your child’s attendance excused.  She can be reached at minnesota@harmonyed.com. 

Flex Direct Courses and Submission Dates
Here are the first Flex Direct submission dates:  Dec. 6, Dec. 20, and Jan. 17. Be sure to submit your students’ worksheets on time as this tracks attendance and progress.

Please remember that if you are uploading files, you may still upload worksheets in any order you wish.  You do not have to follow the order specified by the Flex Direct Teacher or the Harmony Team if you are uploading a worksheet or portfolio.  You only have to follow that order if you are completing the quiz/online version of worksheet. You also do not have to submit both a worksheet and a quiz.  You can choose which works best for your student and situation.

For assistance with uploading, view the video at the following link:


Resource Orders
Resource ordering is open now through January 31.  Please note that orders placed in December are not guaranteed delivery before Christmas.  Also, remaining funds for students in a family may not be combined for ordering.

You can check your student’s funding balance by logging into the Family Resource Center and clicking on Student Success Plan > View Resource Allocation Balance.  

You can also check the status of your resource request by logging in to the Family Resource Center and clicking on Student Success Plan > View Your Resource Requests.  If there is a problem with your resource order, you can contact the ordering department by going to Student Success Plan > Request Resources > Get Help with an Existing Order (Submit a Help Desk Ticket).  You may leave comments related to missing items, provide additional information, etc. 

MCA Test Prep
Students in grades 3-8 will take the MCA tests sometime during March through April, and specific sites will be announced later.  To help your student be prepared for the tests, here are some state resources that you may use.  

MCA Item Samplers – Scroll down the page to select the subject and grade level.  Students will be able to practice sample questions and get used to the format of the tests.


Pearson Learning Resources is an additional support tool provided by Pearson’s in collaboration with MDE.  This site is tailored to MN state benchmarks,  offering students access to content they may find on the MCA tests.


Get Social
Are you on Facebook? Are you part of our growing community of Harmony parents? If not, please join us and get social. It’s a great place to share what is working with your family, ask questions of other parents, and receive updates on Harmony activities. Find us at:


Wishing your family a wonderful holiday season!

Nancie Metro
Account Manager

Brianna Sego