Dear Harmony Families,

As you are all aware, the Minnesota Department of Education has suspended the Harmony program at VIBE effective Jan. 20, 2020.  This regrettable action has surprised us all and has caught us off guard. Late Friday afternoon, Jan. 3, Harmony was informed by VIBE of this action.  Yesterday, Jan. 6, Harmony was sent a copy of the letter that MDE sent to VIBE before the winter break, and we were waiting for additional clarification from VIBE before contacting families.  To date, we still have not received a clear reason as to why this drastic approach is necessary.

Here is some important information that you need to know going forward.  If you have questions about enrollment, please refer to the letter from VIBE and follow the guidelines there.

Paying for Curriculum
Contrary to the information in the VIBE letter, Harmony is not accepting fees for curriculum, and without a partner school in Minnesota, students will not be able to continue with Harmony for the remainder of the school year.

Flex Direct
Flex Direct teacher classes will be held through the end of first semester, so Monday, Jan. 13 will be the final day of live presentations.  Please continue to submit worksheets or have students complete online quizzes so that their final semester grades will reflect the work that students have been doing throughout the semester.  The final Flex submission date for first semester is Jan. 17. Canvas will be available for student submissions through Jan. 20, and work submitted by then will be graded by Jan. 24.

Also, families may keep the Flex Direct worksheets and learning resources such as textbooks, science kits, art supplies, etc.  Students may continue to complete the worksheets, which can be scored at home by parents.

Online Curriculum
Online curriculum that students received for first semester will not be available as of Jan. 20, the first day of second semester.  This includes the following online programs: ALEKS, BYU, DreamBox, Edgenuity, eDynamic, Independent Software Typing, K12, Odyssey, Plato, Reading Eggs, and Rosetta Stone.

New curriculum that would have been purchased for second semester will not be ordered.  

Options Day
Options Day will be held through the end of first semester, which is Jan. 17.  This means that the final day for each Options Day location is as follows:

Albert Lea:  Tuesday, Jan. 14
Elk River:  Tuesday, Jan. 14
Mankato:  Wednesday, Jan. 15
St. Cloud:  Wednesday, Jan. 15
Golden Valley:  Thursday, Jan. 16
Owatonna:  Thursday, Jan. 16

Harmony Elective Kits
Students who selected Harmony Elective Kits for their elective course may keep the contents of the elective kits.

Resource Ordering
Resource ordering for second semester has been suspended, and resource orders that have not yet been processed will not be placed.

Technology Equipment
If you ordered any technology equipment through Harmony and have questions about returning these items to the school, please contact VIBE at 507-727-1195 or

For Those Being Assessed for Special Education or Receiving Special Education Services
These services are provided by VIBE and will not change (e.g. service providers, service time, contacts, etc.).

If you choose to stay with VIBE, general education will switch to a new company, K12, but accommodations and modifications, including adjustments to curriculum content, will remain unchanged. There will be an interim period to make these adjustments, but be assured that Allison, assistant sped director, and VIBE principal Doug Brands are working with K12 to put these into place.  We know you are accustomed to Harmony’s programs, and be assured that Allison is working hard to make the transition with the company that will provide general education courses.

If you decide not to stay with VIBE, you will need to enroll your child in your local district or declare homeschool and work with your local district. If you need general education data from your time with Harmony, please contact Denise Glines at

Feel free to contact Allison with questions specific to your student’s needs at or (507) 920-6334. Please understand there may be a short delay, as she is responding to everyone’s questions as quickly as possible.  

Going Forward
Even though the program has been suspended, I will continue to work with the Minnesota Department of Education on whether we can offer this program at VIBE or other schools at a later time.

We are grateful for the parents who have already reached out to VIBE and the Minnesota Department of Education to express how the Harmony program has been beneficial and constructive to their children’s education.  Because parents have asked who to contact to express their feelings about the program, we’re including this information here.

Jeff Plaman, Online and Digital Learning Specialist, Career and College Success Division
Minnesota Department of Education

John Landgaard, Superintendent
Worthington School District ISD 518
1117 Maine Ave.
Worthington, MN  56187

Doug Brands, Principal
825 N. Crailsheim Rd.
Worthington, MN  56187

Harmony Educational Services remains committed to personalized learning for students.  For over a decade we have helped thousands of students around the United States. We continue to grow in new areas as we provide a bridge between homes and schools.  

Thank you so much for participating with the Harmony program through VIBE.  Again, I apologize for this unexpected decision by MDE and the disruption this is causing.  We feel that we have a strong program that is beneficial to many students and families. We have enjoyed working with your family and being part of your children’s educational experience.  

Kind Regards,

John Thorn
Harmony Educational Services