Greetings Harmony/Provo eSchool families,

We are very excited to announce changes to our Flex program that are set to begin next school year.  

Flex will now have two available options, Flex Independent and Flex Direct.  We are also very excited to add a new curricular offering, Harmony Portfolio.  Here is some information about each of these new programs.

Harmony Portfolio
A customized course that caters to your child’s individual skills and needs.

  • Allows you to design each course based on the grade level of the student.
  • You will submit a weekly narrative, learning log, or part of your child’s portfolio.
  • As you instruct your child and complete assignments of your choice, you will compile these into a portfolio that will be reviewed quarterly by a certified teacher.

Flex Independent
Comparable to our current Flex curriculum.

  • Follow the outline of the Flex worksheets.
  • You grade the worksheet for your child and submit the graded worksheet or the worksheet number and score every two weeks.
  • This course will be supported and reviewed by certified teachers.

Flex Direct
A new course that is taught by a certified teacher, based upon the Flex curriculum.

  • Flex curriculum is taught live by certified teachers.
  • Direct instruction sessions are recorded for review or for students who are unable to attend the live session.
  • Flex worksheets or scores are submitted every two weeks.

These new courses will be offered for Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies.  You may select any combination of these new courses or any of our online curriculum. Here is an example of what this might look like:

Language Arts – Harmony Portfolio
Math – Flex Direct
Science – Flex Independent

We are very pleased with these new offerings and hope they will be a great benefit for you and your children.  Please contact us at 801-471-0208 with any questions or for more information.

Kind Regards,

John Thorn
Harmony President