Greeting Harmony Families,

This email contains exciting news and instructions for your child’s quarterly portfolio reviews.

We have added 2 new options for how you may submit your child’s portfolio for review by our teachers.  

  1. You may submit a video demonstrating your child’s portfolio via Studio, within Canvas.
  2. You may also submit your child’s portfolio by uploading files directly to Canvas for review by a Harmony teacher.

To submit via either of these options, simply follow the instructions below:

  1. Sign in to your child’s Canvas account.
  2. Select the desired class for submission.
  3. Select Assignment “Quarter 1 Review.”
  4. Select “Submit Assignment.”

To create and upload a video (must have an enabled webcam):

  1. Select “Studio.” 
  2. Click “Record” and select “Webcam Capture.”
  3. Click “Start Recording.”  Proceed to record video. When complete click “Done.”
  4. If desired, name your video.  Then click “Save.”
  5. Select recorded video and click “Embed.”
  6. Click “Submit Assignment.”

To upload the portfolio files:

  1. Click “Add Another File” to add enough slots for the number of submissions you are needing. 
  2. Click “Choose File” to select each file from your computer.  Please note that .pdf and .jpg file types will work the best for portfolio submissions.
  3. After attaching all necessary files, click “Submit Assignment.”

If you wish to meet virtually with a teacher to review your child’s portfolio, you still may.  Simply contact your mentor via email expressing your interest in a virtual meeting. Your mentor will then schedule this meeting with you and a Harmony teacher.

Portfolio submissions for Quarter 1 are due Friday, November 1st.  As the teachers review your Quarter 1 portfolio, some of the things they will be watching for are:

  • Grade level work
  • Examples of work demonstrating progress through one quarter of the school year (5-8 distinct items)
    • Can include unit tests, papers written, assignments covering different topics and standards

We look forward to reviewing the wonderful portfolios that you have been compiling.  

Kind Regards,

Harmony Team