Thank you for working so hard with your children this semester.  Second semester grades have been completed. They are available for viewing in your child’s School Pathways account. 

Please note:  Some of our students received an NG mark in their courses instead of a Pass/Fail or letter grade. The NG stands for “No Grade” and indicates that the student did not complete or submit enough work to receive a letter grade. Provo City School District has approved substituting an NG in place of an F due to the unusual pandemic situation during the past few months.

To see the grades, you will need to:

  • Go to the School Pathways website ( and log in to the Student Portal using your child’s username and password
  • Click on Reporting
  • Click on Semester 2 (Spring) to view the grade report
  • Print by clicking the printer icon in the top right corner

If you have questions about a grade, please contact your mentor or Nancie Metro, Provo account manger,