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Multi-Age Program (MAP)

Harmony Education’s Multi-Age Program (MAP) delivers and exciting supplement for independent learning families. Experienced teachers who love teaching, and love their students, provide a creative and energetic learning atmosphere two days a week. This on-site elementary program offers two classroom settings: one for students 6-9 years old, and another for students 9-12 years old. Our classes boast a student to teacher ratio that is much smaller than public schools are able to offer.

MAP students have an innovative, project-based environment for social interaction, skill mastery, studying the classics, and sharing their love of learning with their friends and caring teachers. They are encouraged in core elective subjects.

Map Students have a safe environment for social interaction, where they can freely share their learning experiences with a motivated group of peers. MAP teachers present great principles, exciting collaborations, and important skills in the classroom to increase students’ desire to master the things they are learning.

MAP students receive the following benefits:

Dedicated Teachers and Mentors
MAP teachers understand the home learning environment. They are dedicated to supporting parents with their child’s education. Teachers share what they are doing in class with the families, who have the option to follow the teacher’s curriculum at home or to use another curriculum they enjoy. Teachers also assist parents in using the wide range of tools and resources available through Harmony Educational Services.

  “I wanted to give my children that ‘classroom experience’ in a safe place where they could be mentored individually and in small groups. The MAP program is helping me reach those goals.” -Tepoe K. 

Project-based Learning
Students learn through project-based learning, so that they learn multiple subjects in a more connected way. Students choose and develop interest-driven projects, which are completed at home and shared in the classroom. Students also participate in exploratory learning at classroom stations covering basic subjects. These stations are equipped with purposeful games, books, and manipulatives to assist in the hands-on learning process. Students and teachers are inspired as they share their ideas and resources.

My son and I both love his teacher. She has done a fabulous job inspiring my son to love learning and making MAP a positive experience for him.” –Krystal S.

Multi-Age Classroom
Students of multiple ages are grouped together to provide a more real-life learning environment, similar to families and work places. Students learn to collaborate with and teach each other, fostering respect and acceptance of others. This builds the confidence and leadership abilities of older students and presents younger students with the opportunity to learn from their older classmates, who are role models for them. Literacy and math are taught in ability groups, rather than age groups, and learning by teaching is the natural result. The teachers teach core concepts to the whole class, and then differentiate the instruction for the various ranges of ability and readiness in the class, emphasizing individual progress.

“I love the positive environment! My children are excelling mainly because of the incredible support and encouragement they receive in their MAP class!” –Angela W.

Online Curriculum
In addition to the whole group, small group, and individual learning that is going on in class, MAP students use online learning programs to continue their learning at home, and to further individualize their education in the computer lab during class time. Each student is given online subscriptions for language arts, math, and typing websites.

“I feel very happy with how the program is going this year and my children love going.” –Darcy F. 

Parent Involvement
Parents are encouraged to volunteer in their child’s classroom regularly, and to attend parent-teacher conferences. We also look forward to our semiannual family socials, held exclusively for MAP families.

“It’s just a perfect balance of homeschooling and public schooling.” –Darcy F. 

Harmony Plus

Harmony Plus is not available for MAP students, as all resources for the program have been allocated to the on-site courses.

MAP Locations

The Multi-Age Program is available in select locations. Additional locations may be added this year based on interest in an area.

Springville, UT

9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Monday & Wednesday

Springville Community Presbyterian Church
245 South 200 East Springville,UT 84663

Springville Community Presbyterian Church

Roy, UT

8:30 AM to 3:00 PM
Monday & Wednesday

First Baptist Church of Roy
2025 W 5700 S
Roy, UT 84067

Harmony Learning Center

What is the schedule for MAP classes?

MAP classes meet on Mondays and Wednesdays, from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm-Roy, Utah

9:00 am to 2:30 pm-Provo, Utah

When will I meet my child’s teacher?

You will get to meet your child’s teacher at a Meet Your Teacher event before school starts.

How will I know who my child's friends are in class?

You can meet your child’s friends and their parents at the Meet Your Teacher event, MAP social events, and by volunteering in the classroom.

What curriculum does the MAP Program use in class?

We use Excellence in Writing, Easy Grammar, English from the Roots Up, Leveled Readers, Spelling City, Life of Fred, Dream Box, Math-U-See, Story of the World, A History of US, The Utah Story, and Science with Puppets, as well as other exciting resources.

Do I have to change what I am doing at home to match what the teacher is doing?

No, you do not have to change your curriculum. You can continue to use what you love, even if we don’t use it in class. However, we will provide you with MAP to Home Connections, a packet that provides a schedule of what is taught in class and the ways that you can supplement it at home.

What should I do at home the other three days of the week?

You may continue a program you have found to be useful for your child’s education, or you may use the resources we provide to build a program that complements what your child does in the MAP classroom. We can provide you with ideas, resources, and even a sample home schedule.

Who can I talk to if my child is in the MAP Program and I need help or have a question?

You have the option of talking to your child’s teacher about anything to do with the program or your child’s specific needs. You may also talk to the program director. For contact information, please call our office.

Do MAP families have access to Harmony Plus?

Harmony Plus for MAP is included in the program’s curriculum. We provide each class with computers, internet, books, consumables, supplies, manipulatives, and a fabulous teacher! We also provide each family with curriculum to support their education at home, including videos, language arts and math packages, and Dream Box and Spelling City subscriptions. You also have access to curriculum in the Harmony Resource Library.

How are the children in MAP graded?

MAP teachers grade students based on their progress on work in class. Regular attendance is very important since students only attend two days a week.

Will my child have homework?

Your child will occasionally have a project or report to work on at home.

Does the class include any electives?

In addition to language arts, math, science, and social studies, each teacher incorporates art, music, dance, poetry, drama, typing, and P.E. into their class time. If the teacher has special skills such as speaking a foreign language, they may include extra instruction in those areas.

Additional Educational Options

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