The Founder

Rob Muhlestein, founder of Harmony Educational Services, served as a Utah State Senator, where one of his focuses was on educational innovation. As Executive Director of American Leadership Academy, Rob received the Charter School Administrator of the Year award for his revolutionary approach to education and the school’s amazing success. Drawing upon his years of public service, Rob created Harmony Educational Services to provide students with innovative programs and curriculum designed to help prepare students for success in their life’s pursuits.

Where We Operate

Our independent learning services are currently available to students, families and charter schools in Arkansas, Hawaii, Idaho, Tennessee, and Utah.

Harmony Leadership

Rob Muhlestein


  • Harmony Education Founder
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Corporate V.P. of $50 million company
  • Former Utah State Senator
  • 2009 UAPCS Administrator of the Year

John Thorn


  • Harmony Education President
  • Over 20 years of diversified management experience
  • Corporate V.P. of $50 million company
  • Small business owner