Hello Harmony / Corvallis School District #1 Montana,

The school year is almost halfway through and Christmas break is approaching. As we come to the close of 2nd Quarter, please let your mentor know if there’s anything we can do to help you finish up this quarter strong! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

In this Touchpoint:

  • Calendars
  • Important: Corvallis Homeroom / Attendance
  • Flex Submission Dates
  • Portfolio Submissions for 2nd Quarter and Trimester
  • Ordering
  • Get Social

A great place to stay up-to-date on important dates is the calendar found on the parent dashboard. Here you’ll find information such as Flex submission dates, testing dates, school dates,  etc. 

Click here for the official Corvallis School District #1 Montana calendar for the 2023-24 school year.

Upcoming School Dates:
Dec 23-Jan 2: Christmas Break (No School)
Jan 22: Last day to submit work

Important: Corvallis Homeroom / Attendance
Be sure to have your child respond to the daily attendance question in the Corvallis Homeroom Course in Canvas. The question is posted each day, and you have until 10:00 am to answer the question. Doing so provides Corvallis School District #1 Montana with a daily “attendance log” and helps them to have a connection with students. This is an important part of your child’s attendance with Corvallis.

If you are only working a 4 day school week, please email your mentor and let them know to add your students to the 4 day spreadsheet. Your mentor will be able to excuse your Friday absences once you notify her that you only work 4 school days.

If you have any questions about the daily Homeroom question, please contact your mentor.

Portfolio Submissions for 2nd Trimester (Grades K-4)
For Harmony Portfolio courses, the 2nd trimester portfolio submissions are due on Feb. 9. All portfolios need to be submitted no later than Feb. 9  to give the teachers time to review and grade them.

Portfolio Submissions for 2nd Quarter (Grades 5-12)
For Harmony Portfolio courses, the 2nd quarter portfolio submissions are due on Jan. 5. All portfolios need to be submitted no later than Jan. 5 to give the teachers time to review and grade them.

The guidelines for portfolios are as follows:

  • 5-8 portfolio items per subject.
  • Items need to show student work, and examples could include worksheets, reports, tests/quizzes, science projects, etc.  Remember that portfolio Items need to be the student’s actual work, not a learning log or description of what the student has been doing.
  • Portfolio items need to be grade-level work.
  • Portfolio items need to demonstrate student work over the course of 2 months.

Reimbursement Requests
Reimbursements can be requested once a month. Be sure to select the PRE APPROVAL option when you request your reimbursement in the FRC (Family Resource Center). 

Please also remember that all purchases over $1000.00 will become assets of the Corvallis School District #1 Montana, when/if your student exits the Harmony program.

Resource Orders
Ordering is now open for 2nd semester and will be open until January 31st. We can’t guarantee any items will arrive by Christmas. For all the ordering types except reimbursement, you can submit one order per semester per student.

2nd semester ordering window is Dec 1 – Jan 31.

Get Social
Are you part of our growing community of Harmony parents? If not, please join us and get social. It’s a great place to share what is working with your family, ask questions of other parents, and receive updates on Harmony news.

We wish you a magical and safe December!

Emery Melendez, Program Manager
Anneliese Autry, Mentor (aautry@harmonyed.com)