Flex Direct

Flex Direct brings flexibility in education directly to you

Homeschooling is an exciting journey with a variety of options – and many questions!

Flex Direct can help you take charge of your child’s educational experiences. Courses are available for grades K-8 in Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies.

What are you looking for? Discover how Flex Direct can help.

I want a program that is flexible enough to meet a variety of family situations.

Flex Direct offers families the freedom of learning any time, anywhere.

Children can:

  • Access these immersive lessons whenever and wherever needed
  • Complete the lessons and assignments at their own pace
  • Cultivate a strong foundation of learning

I’m looking for a program that is simple to use.

Flex Direct is easy to understand and implement.

Flex Direct offers:

  • Pre-recorded presentations to use on your own time
  • Engaging guided instruction by teachers
  • Accessible online platform
  • Assignments and brief assessments to support the instruction

I’m new to homeschooling and would love some support.

Flex Direct is great for families wanting more support and guidance along their educational journey.

Courses are:

  • Supported by teachers who give additional help when needed
  • Aligned with core and state educational standards
  • Ideal for students who may be returning to the public classroom in the future

My children like variety in their learning activities.

Flex Direct courses can:

  • Work seamlessly with your choice of learning resources
  • Easily be supplemented with science kits, additional reading and writing materials, Khan Academy, etc.

I’m looking for a few courses, not a full program at this time.

Flex Direct offers online courses for core, foundational learning.

You choose which courses are right for your child.

  • Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies courses for grades K-8
  • Full program (all 4 core courses) or specific subjects – select what works for you
  • Certificates of Completion issued when courses are finished

Contact us today to learn how Flex Direct can benefit your homeschool journey.

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