Hello families,

Because student progress and attendance is an important part of our program, Garfield County School District partnered with Harmony Educational Services has implemented a new progress and attendance policy. This policy will help parents and students to stay on track and keep up with attendance.

Each week your mentor will be reviewing student progress and grades, so it is important that your child stays current with coursework, including Flex and/or Portfolio submissions and online coursework.  Student progress and attendance will be determined using the information below.

IF the student’s most recent grades (compared to the previous week’s grades) are:

  • 5% or higher in at least one class = 0 absences
  • 4% in at least one class = 1 absence
  • 3% in at least on class = 2 absences
  • 2% in at least one class = 3 absences
  • 1% in at least one class = 4 absences

IF student’s grades are the same from the previous week’s grades, we look at the most recent grades:

  • If all core classes are 70% or above = 0 absences
  • If 3 core classes are 70% or above =  1 absence
  • If 2 core classes are 70% or above = 2 absences
  • If 1 core class is 70% or above = 3 absences
  • If 0 core classes are 70% or above = 4 absences

Students who stay on pace and get good grades will be considered on pace with full attendance. If your child gets behind, you can contact your mentor to discuss a plan for catching up. Absences can be excused. If your student is sick or you will be out of town, please let us know so those can be excused.

Mentors will be contacting students after 4 absences to assist with a plan and to help the student get back on track. Students who are behind in pacing and attendance will receive their first truancy notice after 7 days of absences with no attempt to plan with the mentor and get back on track. After the 9th absence, students will be given a 2nd truancy notice and may be dropped from the program.

If you have questions about submissions for Flex or Portfolio courses or about the pacing guide for online courses, please contact your mentor. We are here to help your children have a wonderful educational experience.

Garfield County School District Attendance/Truancy Policy 2021-22


Sarah Oyler (sarah.oyler@garfk12.org)
Garfield County Administrator/Teacher

Brianna Webster (bwebster@harmonyed.com)
Account Manager