Hello Harmony / Garfield Online Families,

We are so excited about our students and all the great work they are doing!  We  hope you have a wonderful month and as always, we are here for you.  If you need anything please reach out to your mentor.

In this Touchpoint:

  • Calendars
  • Important: Garfield Homeroom / Attendance
  • Re-enrollment 2024-25
  • Flex Submission Dates
  • Portfolio Submissions for 1st Quarter
  • Spotlight: BrainPop
  • Ordering
  • Garfield County Contact Information
  • Get Social

A great place to stay up-to-date on important dates is the calendar found on the parent dashboard. Here you’ll find information such as Flex submission dates, testing dates, school dates, etc.

Click here for the official Garfield County School District calendar for the 2023-24 school year.

Upcoming School Dates:
Mar 18: Prof Dev (No School)
Apr 1-5: Spring Break (No School)

Important: Garfield Homeroom / Attendance
Be sure to have your child respond to the weekly discussion posts in the Garfield Homeroom in Canvas. The questions are posted each Friday, and you have until the following Friday to answer them. Responding each week provides Garfield Online with a weekly “attendance log” and helps them have a connection with students. This is an important part of your child’s attendance with Garfield Online.

If you have any questions about the weekly Homeroom questions, please contact your mentor or Garfield Teacher.

Re-enrollment 2024-25
Enrollment for the 2024-25 school year is in full swing. If you have completed the re-enrollment process soon make sure to do so soon to make sure your students are all set for the 23-24 school year. If you have a new student or know friends who want to register for Harmony they can do so on our at harmonyed.com/parent-account/

Flex Submission Dates
Here are the Flex Direct and Flex Independent submission dates for the 1st semester. Be sure to submit your student’s worksheets on time as this tracks attendance and progress.

2nd Quarter
March 1 – (Kindergarten – Language Arts, Math)
March 15 – (No Kindergarten Submission)
March 29 – (Kindergarten – Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies)
April 12 – (Kindergarten – Language Arts, Math)
April 26 – (Kindergarten – Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies)
May 10 – (Kindergarten – Language Arts, Math)

To find helpful information about Flex Direct or Flex Independent courses, log into the Family Resource Center and go to the Curriculum Orientation. From the sidebar menu in the Flex Direct and Flex Independent sections, you will find FAQs, which include submission instructions and a submission video. 

Portfolio Submissions for 2nd Quarter
All portfolios need to be submitted no later than March 22nd to give the teachers time to review and grade them.

The guidelines for portfolios are as follows:

  • 5-8 portfolio items per subject.
  • Items need to show student work, and examples could include worksheets, reports, tests/quizzes, science projects, etc.  Remember that portfolio Items need to be the student’s actual work, not a learning log or description of what the student has been doing.
  • Portfolio items need to be grade-level work.
  • Portfolio items need to demonstrate student work over the course of 2 months.

Spotlight: BrainPop
Did you know that Harmony provides BrainPop accounts to all students? BrainPop inspires children to connect deeply to any topic by making it relatable, entertaining, and easy to understand. Their proven approach boosts academic achievement while building thinking and SEL skills. 

BrainPop provides engaging content for grades K-8 in the following subjects: English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Arts & Music, Health & SEL, and Engineering & Technology.

You are encouraged to use this program with your children as best meets their needs. There are no expected number of activities, and students are not required to use this program.

A new BrainPop section has been added to Harmony’s Curriculum Orientation, and you can find it here.

Resource Orders
Resource ordering is now closed. If you placed an order before January 31st it will be completed. Reimbursements will be open until the end of May.

Garfield County Contact Information
Here is the contact information for Garfield County Online.

Sarah Oyler, Admin & 5th-6th Grade Teacher
Email: sarah.oyler@garfk12.org
Phone: 435-633-3365

Danette Verde, Administrative Assistant
Email: danette.verde@garfk12.org
Phone: 435-676-1307

Brittney Dodds, Kindergarten Teacher
Email: brittney.dodds@garfk12.org

Taylor Steed, 1st-2nd Grade Teacher
Email: taylor.steed@garfk12.org

Kimberly Blood, 3rd Grade Teacher
Email: kimberly.blood@garfk12.org

Diona Jones, 4th Grade Teacher
Email: diona.jones@garfk12.org

Get Social
Are you part of our growing community of Harmony parents?  If not, please join us and get social. It’s a great place to share what is working with your family, ask questions of other parents, and receive updates on Harmony activities. 

Have a wonderful March!

Brianna Webster, Garfield Account Manager (bwebster@harmonyed.com)
Denise Glines, Paraeducator (dglines@harmonyed.com)
Andrea Medler, Mentor (amedler@harmonyed.com)
Erica Finneman, Mentor (efinneman@harmonyed.com)
Hope Dalsing, Mentor (hdalsing@harmonyed.com)
Tegan Sides, Mentor (tsides@harmonyed.com)