Hello Harmony / Pioneer Virtual Academy Families,

Happy October!

We hope you and your family are doing well and enjoying this wonderful fall season. This is a great time to make sure your students are progressing and catching up on any work, if needed. In this touchpoint, be sure that you pay attention to the ordering deadline for 1st semester resource orders on October 31. So get your orders in before then. As a note, reimbursements will still be open.

As a reminder, your mentor is your main point of contact and is always happy to help and lead you through the school year. If you aren’t sure who that is, all you need to do is go to the Parent Dashboard in the Family Resource Center and go to the mentor tab to find out.
*Your mentor will help answer all your questions, so you won’t need to go to anyone else.

In this Touchpoint:

  • Calendars
  • Flex Submission Dates
  • Portfolio Submissions for 2nd Quarter
  • Resource Orders
  • Get Social

A great place to stay up-to-date on important dates is the calendar found on the parent dashboard. Here you’ll find information such as Flex submission dates, testing dates, school dates,  etc. 

Click here for the official Pioneer Virtual Academy calendar for the 2022-23 school year.

Upcoming School Dates:
Nov 11: Veterans Day (No School)
Nov 21-25 Thanksgiving Break (No School)
Dec 19- Jan 4:  Christmas Break

Flex Submission Dates
Here are the Flex Direct and Flex Independent submission dates for the remainder of 1st semester. Be sure to submit your students’ worksheets on time, as this tracks attendance and progress.

  • October 21 – (Kindergarten – Language Arts, Math, Social Studies)
  • November 4 – (Kindergarten – Language Arts, Math, Science)
  • November 18 – (Kindergarten – Language Arts, Math, Social Studies)
  • December 2 – (Kindergarten – Language Arts, Math, Science)
  • December 16 – (No Kindergarten Submission) 

To find helpful information about Flex Direct or Flex Independent courses, log into the Family Resource Center and go to the Curriculum Orientation. From the sidebar menu in the Flex Direct and Flex Independent sections, you’ll find FAQs, which include submission instructions and a submission video. 

Portfolio Submissions for 2nd Quarter
For Harmony Portfolio courses, the 2nd quarter portfolio submissions are due on Nov 18

The guidelines for portfolios are as follows:

  • 5-8 portfolio items per subject.
  • Items need to show student work, and examples could include worksheets, reports, tests/quizzes, science projects, etc. Remember that portfolio Items need to be the student’s actual work, not a learning log or description of what the student has been doing.
  • Portfolio items need to be grade-level work.
  • Portfolio items need to demonstrate student work over the course of 2 months.

Resource Orders
Ordering is open for all types of ordering. For all the ordering types except reimbursement, you can submit one order per semester per student. The 1st semester ordering period is July 1 – Oct 31, and the 2nd semester ordering period is Dec 1 – Jan 31.

Request Technology: This is the best place to order laptops to make sure they are ordered in case there are any hold-ups with your orders.
Request Educational Supplies & Resources: Order all your general supplies, workbooks, textbooks, pencils, art supplies, museum membership, etc. You can submit items from multiple websites.
Request 3rd Party Payments: Once your 3rd party vendors are approved, you can request the payment for them here. You will receive a check to pay them once it is processed. If your child is taking a full-year class, make sure to split up the payments and only pay by semesters.
Internet Payments: Use this to request up to $225 payable to your internet service provider per semester. Note: This is limited to one per family.
Request Curriculum Subscriptions and/or Kits: If you want to purchase curriculum or other subscriptions offered through Harmony (like MobyMax, Dreambox, etc.) and use it as an extra resource, this is the place.
Request Reimbursement: Reimbursements can be submitted up to 10 times per year – once for each month of the school year. Only 1 file can be submitted per submission, but you include several receipts into one Google or Microsoft Word doc and submit them that way.
Request Educational Subscriptions: Educational subscriptions include subscriptions for Tinker Crate, ABC Mouse, Kiwi Crate, and dozens of other educational subscription options. If you don’t see an item listed, you can request that subscription when you request school supplies on the resource order form.

Get Social
Are you part of our growing community of Harmony parents? If not, please join us and get social. It’s a great place to share what is working with your family, ask questions of other parents, and receive updates on Harmony activities. 

We wish you a wonderful school year!

Brianna Webster, Pioneer Account Manager (bwebster@harmonyed.com)
Denise Glines, Accommodations Specialist (dglines@harmonyed.com)
Carly Edwards, Mentor (cedwards@harmonyed.com)