Richard McKenna Survey 2023-2024

How would you rate your experience with the Richard McKenna program?? (1=Failure, 10=Successful) Which type of course scheduling do you prefer? What are your thoughts on course scheduling? Have you met with your high school counselor to review graduation requirements and develop a plan to meet them? How easy is it to switch to the next set of courses? (1=Hard, 10=Easy) Do you plan to enroll again with Richard McKenna through Harmony next year? How is the communication with the teachers who are instructing your classes? (1=Horrible, 10=Excellent) How is their customer service when you have questions? (1= Horrible, 10=Excellent)
10 Taking two courses simultaneously with daily reporting

This option has been the best for my daughter so she isn’t overwhelmed with 7 classes at once.

No 10 Yes 10 10
8 Taking two courses simultaneously with daily reporting

the math is a bit much. My child can spend up to 8 hours a day on math. There are just too many assignments. Why are there projects on top of the assignments?
Its just too much.

No 6 Yes 5 7