Frequently Asked Questions

How does funding work?

In every state each student receives funding for educational purposes.  Harmony takes a percentage of these state funds to perform services and to pass on educational resources to the students.  The school district receives the remainder of funding for their part of the partnership. 

As a school, what role do we play for building enrollment?

Harmony does all the heavy lifting with the enrollment.  We bring the enrollment to the schools. We accommodate and work with schools in the way they request.

We have established a system that works to build student numbers for the school.

When did Harmony begin?

Harmony was founded in 2008.  We are the original pioneers of this unique way of bridging the gap between home and school through the partnership model.

How do students apply?

We provide an enrollment link and all the information they need to get started.

How do you track student progress?

Harmony mentors are in regular contact with the families.  Monthly progress reports are provided to schools for each Harmony student.  

Who works directly with the families?

Family-assigned mentors consult with each family on a regular basis.  If there is more than one Harmony student in the home, the same mentor is assigned to keep continuity.

What resources do you offer for SPED students?

Harmony has a specialist for SPED students who offers support and answers questions. Harmony teachers and mentors participate in IEP meetings and parent/teacher conferences as requested. All SPED issues are reported and handled directly by the certified SPED staff at the school.

What type of testing do you offer?

We comply with all state testing requirements for each individual state.

Do you have certified teachers?

Absolutely, this is what makes Harmony shine. Through our Flex Direct program, we provide certified teachers that the students and parents can access.