Some time ago the black menu bar at the top was removed for logged in parents. The reason why it was there was because it allowed parents to upload an image to their profile and edit their profile information. The problem was that it also allowed them to view the title and a small snippet of the text for news for all subject matters.  We received several complaints about this from multiple states.  So the black menu bar was removed for all parents.

However, if you were using the View As parent option this made resetting your access difficult because that option was in that black menu bar that is now no longer visible to parents.

So, I have added the following to assist with this:

  • A reset view link has been added to the page people will see if they do not have access to a page. This allows you to reset the view back to yourself if you go to the Employee Resource Center when logged in as a parent. It will log you back in with your mentor access and redirect you back to the Employee Resource Center.  This will only be true if you are currently logged in as a parent.
  • I also added a link to the Family Resource Center so you can jump there if you reset your view to parent while you are in the Employee Resource Center.
  • And a reset view has been added to the bottom menu from any page on the website.  See screenshots below: