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Home-Based Educational Programs – Offered in Partnership with Public Schools

Free Home-Based Educational Program

Free Resources, Curriculum, Mentoring and More

100% Tuition Free - In Partnership with Public Schools

The Ideal Program for Families Who Educate Their Children at Home

At Harmony, we’ve developed innovative partnerships with public schools that merge the advantages of homeschooling with the resources available with public schools.

We provide distance learning students with flexible educational choices, including virtual curriculum, on-site classes, and educational materials all at no cost to you.

Harmony provides educational options so you can choose what’s best for your child, including:

  • Mix-and-match courses and materials from a variety of vendors
  • Online curriculum and traditional curriculum based on textbooks, literature, etc.
  • Our popular on-site elective program and other exciting elective classes
  • Resources and materials based on your child’s interests and their courses

Make Learning Personal

Our program is built on the understanding that students flourish when education is individualized to their unique needs.

You select the curriculum, resources, and goals to ensure your child reaches his/her potential. We provide the resources and support.


Each Harmony student receives learning resources based on the programs and courses you select for each child. Available learning materials include:

  • Online Curriculum and subscriptions
  • Textbooks and workbooks
  • General school supplies
  • Math manipulatives and resources
  • Science equipment and supplies
  • Elective resources based on student interest
  • Tutoring and lessons: private tutoring, piano instruction, swimming lessons, etc.

Program offerings vary by state.

Educational Support

Our families are supported by mentors and certified teachers to ensure that students have a wonderful educational experience.

Your mentor works with you to create a unique Student Success Plan for each student to match the curriculum and resources to your child’s needs. Throughout the year, our team of mentors and teachers provides support and help for your child’s courses.

Independent Learning Courses

With Harmony, you’ll select from a broad range of course offerings from various curriculum providers, so you can individualize the education of your children to their unique needs. All Harmony programs are designed to meet state standards.

Courses are available fully online or in a textbook format. You can mix and match to meet the specific needs of your children – all at no cost to you.

Free On-Site Courses

Our fun Options Day program offers four fun on-site electives one day each week. Your children will enjoy socializing with other children and learning from qualified instructors who have a passion for teaching. Classes vary by location and may include karate, theater, art, Lego Robotics and more.

Homeschool Expertise

The team at Harmony Ed combines a wide background of knowledge and experience in homeschooling, education and public schools to bridge the gap between traditional public schooling and independent learning.

We partner with you as you make the educational decisions that are best for your child.

We’ve got a program that is right for your children.

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Success Stories from Our Customers

“Harmony has been the perfect balance for my daughter who loves the challenge scholastically and loves to excel with her friends there. This is our third year with the program, and we love it!”

Heidi S.

“I am so grateful that my children have access to a wonderful program like Harmony Educational Services. We are so lucky to have this program available to us and I would recommend them to anyone.”

Michelle R.

“I now have the freedom to consider every curriculum no matter the cost. My children are older, and we have specific goals that Harmony helps us meet.”

Melinda S.

Why Us?

When you and your family partner with Harmony Educational Services you’ll:

  • maintain the flexibility to learn at home
  • gain the help of a personal mentor and team designed to help you succeed
  • have the option to attend on-site programs (in select locations)
  • gain access to free curriculum, educational resources, and materials
  • select from a wide variety of curriculum and courses so you can customize each child’s learning

Program offerings vary by state.