Pillars of Success

How We Can Help You and Students Succeed


  • Courses are aligned to core/state standards specific for each state.
  • Certified teachers provide direct instruction.
  • Valuable learning resources are provided to every student.
  • Harmony provides a curriculum hub and offers exclusive programs to use with the student’s choice of curriculum.
  • Harmony works with top online curriculum vendors.


  • Harmony provides students with the latest digital learning platforms.
  • Mentors regularly monitor students’ progress.
  • Harmony provides monthly student progress reports to each principal.
  • Mentors and teachers provide support for each student.


  • Harmony recruits students and increases school enrollment.
  • Harmony complies with state testing requirements.
  • Harmony consultants report directly to the school’s SPED team.


  • Onsite programs (Options Day), a once-a-week program that offers elective courses, gives students a fun learning environment with other Harmony students.
  • Parents and students are enthusiastic in sharing their satisfaction with the Harmony program.

“Harmony has been such a blessing to our family and has enabled us to take our children’s education much farther than we could have on our own.  The teachers and mentors have gone above and beyond to always see that our needs are taken care of.”



After bouncing between homeschooling and public school for 6 years, I finally found Harmony. It was exactly what we had been needing all of those years. The perfect blend of doing our coursework at home and then having Options Day one day a week for social time and electives in a group learning setting. My 4 kids look forward to Options Day all week. It’s their favorite part of the week.

With the resource funding through Harmony, we have been able to enjoy music lessons, national park passes, art supplies and many other educational opportunities that we would not otherwise have been able to afford. We enjoy using the curriculum of our choice as well. Truly, Harmony has provided a well rounded education for my kids and I am so very happy to have found this program and have been able to participate in it for the last 4 years. It is so flexible that it can fit into everyone’s schedule. Even this busy mom who runs a business full time!



Our family has been with Harmony for 4 years. The thing we love about Harmony is that it gives families who want to have digital learning but have limited financial resources (like our family) the means to do it. It also enables our kids to have an even richer experience because we can also use our Harmony funds to pay for things like piano lessons, and memberships to museums…etc. Once a week my kids go to classes which has been interesting and fun. We couldn’t give our kids the learning experience we want to, without Harmony.



We have been with Harmony for 2 years and I can say it has been a wonderful experience. My son has learned so much and he really loves this program.  We have guidance from teachers and freedom to use several curriculums that we like. Also, we love Harmony’s Options day program once a week. We have extracurricular classes such art, theater, STEM, music, cooking, Hawaiian culture, Hula, sewing, discovery hour. I’m enrolling my daughter to be part of Harmony as well.  We are looking forward to the next school year and happy to continue our educational journey!”